The statement reads: “The parties have agreed to settle the dispute with a confidential private agreement, on which further comments” are not provided.

Previous Ranking: 13 °. Upcoming 2: vs CSKA, @Barcellona. 15 buducnost podgorica 6-22 Double k.o. turkish, home of Fener and against Efes for a team that has nothing to ask of the season, if not experience. With this in mind, to report yet another excellent performance of Bitadze, author of 16 points in dell'Anadolu home. Previous Ranking: 15 °. Upcoming 2: @Barcellona, ​​@Panathinaikos.

16 See Darussafaka istanbul 4-24 victory after six consecutive losses, bending the Khimki. But still close to last posto.Ora can only break the eggs in the basket at Bayern and Olympiacos. Previous Ranking: 16 °. Upcoming 2: vs Bayern, @Olympiacos.

Massimo Oriani  @ massimooriani

December 2, 2018 - Milan Photos of group of bidders "These guys in wheelchairs are unable to stop them. A unique experience. We must have its own different thoughts on what we think is the 'diversity'.

A rule is not there and I feel good that this is so. " At the end of the match the words of Roberto Ciufoli summarize the thinking of many, the excitement of a day that was a "Grand Challenge" won together to break down barriers and send out the message that there is indeed a "Sport for All." On the floor of the Saint Lucia Foundation National Basketball Artists it is adept at "wheels equal" with the boys basketball team in wheelchairs "Young and tenacious" and with the support of a public sell-out is also dropped her in the field to launch the "Post Sport for All", the project of the Saint Lucia Foundation to promote access to sport for persons with disabilities in the national initiative skrill esports betting "OSO - Every Sport Apart". "We tried in every way, with a tortoise key and the fishbone, but nothing to do - jokes Fabio Tamburini with the" coach "Fabio Frizzi after the game, after discovering how difficult it is to play basketball in wheelchair, but then the tone becomes serious - "seriously, these guys deserve all our attention and more attention should also be given the Saint Lucia Foundation, because it is a center of excellence that gives space just really like these." In the field the team guys "Young and tenacious" gave demonstration of the work done in this first year of life of the young team under the guidance of coach, Stephen Rossetti. Over twenty girls and boys who train weekly on the basketball court of Saint Lucia and have now had the opportunity to live a very special game. "Playing against actors and famous people with so much audience in the stands was excited - says Matteo Gabotti, captain of the training - I also saw that the team is growing and for me to have known basketball was a change of life.

Before I was inside the house. Thanks to basketball I knew another world ". It was a very special match even in the times. The first played by the National Artists. Then it was the turn of "Young and tenacious".

Finally, the climate in the field has skyrocketed in the third period when even the artists sat in a wheelchair, agreeing with sympathy to aim for the basket against the young professionals of the two wheels. "These are exceptional kids - says Paolo Romano - Being here helps me a while 'to overcome the difficulties and then tomorrow and the day after we will return to think about it, because these are experiences that remain inside." BARRIERS - Sitting on the bench, Elisa D'Ospina says his team-mates and words to the audience: "Crazy Day. The thing that makes me happiest is to see so many people in the stands.

When people move to a good cause it is always nice. It's nice to share and it is nice to give strength to those who maybe can not have every day so much attention. This is a day that wants to break down barriers.

Let's join forces to say loudly that the sport is for everyone. " A field Fabio Frizzi board keeps his "boys" of the National Artists as they try to recapture the game struggling between the ball into wedges and wheels of the wheelchair: "Crazy see our escaping with incredible kids who have a speed and a spirit definitely overflowing ". Time played at par in wheelchairs will end for the record to 12-3 "Young and tenacious," but someone is not. "The game is game - confesses the late Roberto Ciufoli - and I think with a little 'training we could do it to keep up with him in wheelchairs. We want revenge. " The big challenge does not seem to end here. Mario Camphor

February 16, 2019 - Milan Colin Kaepernick (right) kneeling in protest during the anthem, in a game of 2016. Rev Colin Kaepernick won his battle. The former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers was compensated with a mountain of millions of dollars dall'Nfl.

He had sued alleging unequal treatment due to his choices as an activist - referring in particular to the claims of racial injustice to the detriment of African Americans and the brutality of the US police - who had to him then forced to prematurely close the careers unemployed due to lack of vacancies. the facts - Kaepernick in 2016 he started to kneel to protest during the American national anthem, before matches. He had soon been emulated, between teammates also in the 49ers NFL players from other teams.

After the comments of 2017 by US President Donald Trump, who had asked the NFL owners to cut those "challenged" the anthem, the protest was "inflated" further, becoming policy. One of the most debated issues at the level of national public opinion. In October 2017 Kaepernick began his legal battle. It was passed by the players union for their claims, rather he had hired a prominent lawyer, Mark Geragos, who in the past had witnessed Michael Jackson.

Just legal, simultaneously to the NFL, he has made public the latest dramatic development in the case Kaepernick. The statement reads: "The parties have agreed to settle the dispute with a confidential private agreement, on which further comments" are not provided. In short, the NFL gold covers the former QB.

Claiming his silence: the ways of the alleged discrimination remain secret. The Commissioner Goodell, NFL owners and executives, they had to provide email and telephone feedback about their interactions on the subject under dispute. Kaepernick is without a contract since March 2017. For complete information, it should be added that the Denver Broncos in March 2016 he had been offered a contract until 2020 (source ESPN) but for the first two years entailed a significant cut engagement.

The NFL in November 2017 had approved a donation of $ 89 million in favor of social equality causes claimed by activists in the wake Kaepernick, but the 31 year old former QB Nevada, African-American father and white mother, had not desisted from the claim damage, arguing that the 32 NFL owners deductibles had ignored not for "technical" reasons, but for political pressure and quiet life. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV inferences - it immediately unleashed the juiciest all'indiscrezione hunting: how much money has grossed Kaepernick?

Bleacher Report, citing insider sources, speaking of speculation of the experts that quantify the outlay from 60 to 80 million dollars. To understand: perhaps more than Kaepernick, good quarterback, who played the Super Bowl in 2013 as a starter for San Francisco (defeated by Baltimore), but certainly not a phenomenon, would probably have earned salary without the case extra field. Kaepernick in September 2018 was chosen by Nike as the face and symbol of the slogan thirty years of "Just do it".

In connection with the resolution of the legal dispute of the QB, it also occurred to Eric Reid, safety of the Carolina Panthers and former teammate at the 49ers Kaepernick that, but for which a millionaire wage, stronger than a three-year contract with the Panthers, had sued discrimination to the NFL to post social protests, claiming that repeated doping controls against him would not be random. For him confidential agreement and many incoming compensation money. Provided you do not talk about it anymore. Riccardo Pratesi  @ rprat75

January 27, 2019 - Milan Luca Pancalli. Ansa Israel excluded from the World Championships, Malaysia loses the organization of the Paralympic World Swimming Championships. Become a "discrimination" put international event taking place from the Asian country "had not accepted the participation of Jerusalem athletes" the races of aquatic disciplines to be held from July 29 to August 4 and apply for the qualification for the Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo: the Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced the decision not to play in Malaysia sporting event. "We have taken this initiative with conviction.

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